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Java is a versatile and platform-independent programming language used for developing various types of applications, including desktop applications, web apps, mobile apps (especially for Android), and enterprise-level software systems. It is also popular for creating server-side applications, embedded systems, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

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The Java language is known for its simplicity, readability, and robustness. It’s supported by a large ecosystem of libraries and frameworks, such as Spring, Hibernate, and Apache Struts, which facilitate the development of complex and scalable applications.

Java’s versatility, strong community support, and continuous evolution have contributed to its longevity and widespread adoption in the software development industryd adoption in the software development industry

Unosquare has deep experience with finding talent that delivers, backed by our in-house Java practice that is part of our Product Engineering Center of Excellence


Unosquare’s talent has extensive experience with Java tools and frameworks for prototyping, data analysis, or proof-of-concept to validate your ideas and assumptions.


Giving you access to talent who can design documents, flowcharts, and architectural diagrams, familar with Java and its associated design patterns can help you make informed decisions on how to structure your software.


We write, test, and refine the code that will make up your software application with the robust libraries, frameworks, and tools Java offers.


Our professionals will deploy your software, monitor its performance, and provide support to end-users using tools like Jenkins or GitHub Actions can help automate deployment and continuous integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Java and JavaScript are two distinct programming languages, despite their similar names. Java is a statically-typed, object-oriented language primarily used for building large-scale applications, while JavaScript is a dynamically-typed, prototype-based scripting language used primarily for client-side web development. Although they share some syntax similarities, their use cases, design philosophies, and features are quite different.

Java is not a backend framework; rather, it is a versatile and widely-used programming language. However, Java can be used to create backend applications and is often used in conjunction with various backend frameworks. Some popular Java backend frameworks include:

  • Spring (Spring Boot, Spring MVC, etc.)
  • JavaServer Faces (JSF)
  • Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE, formerly known as J2EE)
  • Vert.x
  • Play Framework
  • Micronaut
  • Quarkus

These frameworks provide pre-built components and tools to make it easier for developers to create robust, scalable, and secure backend applications using Java.-

Yes, Java is an open source programming language. The primary implementation of Java, known as OpenJDK (Open Java Development Kit), is an open source project licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 with the Classpath Exception. This allows developers to freely use, modify, and distribute the source code. The OpenJDK project is led by Oracle Corporation but also includes contributions from other companies and individuals within the Java community.

Staff augmentation can be a great way to support your Java development and our Java Center of Excellence is designed to fulfill the modern need for digital product creation and the implementation of digital transformation initiatives.

Unosquare provides highly skilled Java developers to meet your development needs without having to hire and train you own in-house staff. This can save you time and money, as well as ensure that you have access to the latest technologies and best practices.

We do not simply hire Java developers for your team. Our Center of Excellence leaders identify talent with a wide range of skills in different experience levels and help support training and career guidance to increase productivity and talent retention.

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