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Our Process

Our Process

A Delivery Ecosystem​

Maturing with the industry we have developed and professionalized our Unosquare Services Flywheel. Our focused service offering provides the foundation for project success. Through the development of the Centers of Excellence of our practices, we have achieved deep technical expertise and cross functional integration.

We follow the industry defined 4D process for project execution and have built our technical practices within each phase.

4D Process

Discover Phase

The Discover phase has two Centers of Excellence (CoE) focused on identifying specific pain points within the organization, creating a hypothesis around how we can solve that problem and then returning to the drawing board to define the solution.

Data & Analytics

Works to solve the pain points of the business through data-driven approaches. It incorporates everything from operational reporting and enterprise data warehousing, to enterprise artificial intelligence uses.

  • AI
  • Enterprise Data Warehousing
  • Operational Reporting

Business Strategy

Integrating with your team to interpret the needs of Product Owners, Product Managers, and providing insights through Business Analysis.

  • Product Ownership
  • Product Management
  • BA

Define Phase

The Define phase is focused on understanding the business requirements, creating a vision for the user experience and developing the technical architecture for the solution.

In the Define Phase, we have the following Centers of Excellence to support its focus:

User Experience Design

Focused on understanding the customer experience and how to create a seamless user journey using technology.

  • UX Research
  • UI Design
  • UX Execution


Working to provide high level enterprise architecture and solutions design. We focus on creating a solid foundation for the business by identifying and addressing its core systems, processes and data.

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Technology Architecture
  • Solution

Develop Phase

Within the Develop phase we have created the following Centers of Excellence to engage with our clients:

Product Engineering

Building and delivering the software needed to achieve our client’s business objectives. The focus is to create world-class products for our clients.

  • Methodology
  • DevOps
  • Development

Quality Assurance

Dedicated to ensuring that the quality of our work is at the highest level as well as focusing on long term automation of the delivery pipelines.

  • Test Strategies
  • Test Automation
  • Test Execution

Deliver Phase

Within the Deliver phase we have created the following Centers of Excellence to engage with our clients:

Cloud and Infrastructure

Finding strategic efficiencies in infrastructure, procuring migration, and operating the day to day service needs of the organization.
  • Strategic Efficiencies
  • Operations
  • Migration

IT Operations

Works on operationalizing all software delivered to the client with security and availability.

  • Security
  • Monitoring & Triage
  • Support

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