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Medical & Life Science

When it comes to Medical and Life Science digital solutions, understanding the domain is essential to designing and developing solutions. Unosquare has a dedicated focus and proven experience in Medical and Life Science solutions.

Our Work in Medical & Life Science

We have extensive experience in patient-centered medical solutions, including diagnostics, patient monitoring, chronic disease management, insurance, and Electronic Health Records.

Our life science experience includes significant pharma, biotech, food safety, and laboratory services.

Companies Who Have Relied on Unosquare

Global leaders and emerging innovators have relied on Unosquare for over a decade.

Mayo Clinic Digital Health Experience

As one of the premier global healthcare providers, the Mayo Clinic wanted to share expertise and identify potential patients remotely. Unosquare worked with the Mayo Clinic on a digital solution that complemented the Mayo Clinic’s planned facility at Three Forks Ranch in Wyoming. Work included researching target users, designing the entire patient care experience, and designing a comprehensive wellness assessment.

A Family of Diagnostics, One UX Design System

Unosquare has provided UX research design and development to provide a consistent experience across the Roche product line of tissue diagnostic instruments and applications for both mobile and desktop. The Roche product line assists histotechs in laboratories across the globe to test patient tissues for cancer. The redesigned, unified system ensures more accuracy and faster processing of the test tissues for better patient outcomes.

Advancing the Management of Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiologists and patients must keep track of many indicators when assessing someone’s health related to a heart condition. With all of this information, it can be overwhelming to show and monitor the most critical factors in a way that patients can easily consume. Unosquare designed a digital solution to track and visually display the information a patient and their doctor need to manage heart-related conditions. Incorporating graphs, charts, and videos allows for more consumable information.

Medical Device Design and Development

Unosquare has deep experience in medical devices and life science instruments. Clients choose us partly because we have experience with design, research, and testing for FDA-regulated devices. Unsoquare can ensure your solution is designed for HIPAA compliance and data privacy. We do formative and summative testing required by the FDA. Shown is the Synchron Brain Computer Interface, designed by Unosquare, which enables control of external devices via imagined thought.

10 Reasons To Consider Unosquare for Your Medical or Life Science Solution

  1. One-Stop Shop for Medical & Life Science

Whether you are working on patient-centered solutions, medical devices, drug discovery, or laboratory solutions, Unosquare can be your one-stop shop for your digital research, strategy, design, and development resources.

  1. Flexibility to Support Your Needs

If you have an existing development team, Unosquare can provide additional resources to complement your current staff. If you don’t have a software team, Unosquare can offer a world-class digital design and development team to complete your solution thoroughly.

  1. A Dedicated Focus on Medical and Life Sciences

Whether you are working on patient-centered solutions, medical devices, drug discovery, or laboratory solutions, Unosquare can be your one-stop shop for your digital research, strategy, design, and development resources.

  1. You’ll be in Good Company

Whether it is global leaders like Roche Diagnostics, ThermoFisher, Catalent, or emerging innovators like Accelerate Diagnostics, Akoya Biosciences, or Smartstent you will be in good company with other Unosquare clients.

  1. Proven Experience in Medical and Life Science

The Unosquare team members we provide have proven experience and understanding of the design and development of digital solutions for medical and life sciences.

  1. Technology Expertise for Medical and Life Science

Choosing the right technologies for your medical or life science solution requires a solid understanding of the impact on regulatory approvals. We have been there and understand the issues.

  1. Support for Regulatory Approvals

If your solution requires regulatory approval, it must be defined, designed, built, and tested in an approach that supports regulatory requirements, including formative user input, rigorous risk analysis, and summative studies. Be confident that the Unosquare Agile design-led methodology, refined in over 2,000 engagements, can support your needs.

  1. Knowledge of Medical and Life Science Standards

Unosquare can provide resources well-versed in HIPAA compliance, patient data handling, data privacy, and the HL7 international data standards.

  1. Easy to Work With

Unosquare handles the recruiting, hiring, payroll, professional development, and retention. Our delivery centers are located across North and South America and operate in U.S. time zones. Our team members understand U.S. cultural and business practices, and all speak English.

  1. Get to Market Faster

With proven Medical and Life Science experience and our ability to scale your to meet your needs, Unosquare can enable you to accelerate the design, development, and delivery of your solution.

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