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About Us

Our Story

Unosquare is a digital engineering company founded in 2009. The company was created in response to the need for businesses to enhance their digital product engineering teams. 

Unosquare now offers services across eight disciplines, referred to as “Centers of Excellence.” These disciplines are designed to fulfill the modern need for digital product creation and the implementation of digital transformation initiatives. As of today, Unosquare has over 1000 employees working in distributed teams across five countries. The company’s teams are located in the Americas and Western Europe, giving them a broad reach and the ability to serve a diverse range of clients. With such a large and experienced workforce, Unosquare is well-equipped to tackle even the most complex and ambitious digital projects.

To achieve this, Unosquare employs a unique approach internally called “work streams”. This method ensures that we are solving for the long-term needs of our clients, rather than simply addressing immediate concerns. By engaging in work streams, the company is able to consider the full scope of a digital product and experience and the various interrelated elements that are necessary for a successful outcome.

“Technology is a powerful tool, but, it is the people who build it and use it that truly drive innovation and progress. We strive to create a culture where people come first, where employees feel valued, empowered, and supported, and where the success of our customers is our top priority.”

Giancarlo Di Vece, CEO at Unosquare.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to democratize professional opportunity in pursuit of a world where talent knows no boundary.

Our Mission

Team members

For our Unicorns, we guide and facilitate the personal and professional growth for every team member across all geographies while promoting our values.


For our Clients, we contribute to their success by providing high quality talent with velocity, institutional business continuity and total management transparency.


For our shareholders, we safeguard the efficiency and productivity of the organization to ensure long term economic prosperity and growth for all parties involved.

Our Values


Ensure a match between our company vision and the candidate’s values. The best candidates are looking for roles where they can be “A” players. We want our people and our company to be a good fit for each other because when our people are successful, we are successful.


Be a name and not a number, be seen, heard and recognized. We want every employee to feel supported and appreciated. We encourage referrals from existing employees of their friends and family because those networks strengthen our company, culture and community.


Trust and the capacity to make decisions
“A” Players don’t like to be micromanaged. They want to be left alone to feel productive and excel. We are confident in our people and we understand the mutual benefit of extending the hand of trust to them.


Confidence in our future
An “A” player will not be satisfied only by compensation. Aligning our vision and values ensures that our people also see the value of a stable company with a commitment to long term employment and growth. Compensation based on performance attracts the best people because they know they can deliver.


Create an engaging work environment
We spend more than a third of our lives at work and that’s too much time to waste in a miserable environment. Fun means doing something you love, with people you share values with for a company that respects and values you.

Our Leadership

Giancarlo Di Vece


Eduardo Arias

Chief Financial Officer

Adam Lynch

Chief of Staff

Ignacio Miranda

Chief Operating Officer

Joel Barrett

VP, Client Success

Diego Huerta

VP, Delivery Management

Geovanni Perez

VP, Research and Development​​

Javier Martínez

VP, IT and Infrastructure​​

Roisin Hughes

VP, Human Resources​

Mark Brown

VP, Technology Products

Paul Giurata

VP, User Experience

Trent Kocurek

VP, Innovation

Our Founders

Mario Di Vece


Michael Barrett



United States



Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley


















United Kingdom​




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