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Accelerate and scale your .NET project with nearshore software developers. Unosquare provides the best talent for your .net software development project. If you’re looking to grow your team, get a full team or outsource your software development project, we got you covered.

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Benefits of .NET for your software project

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.NET is a software development framework and ecosystem created by Microsoft. It is designed to facilitate the development, deployment, and execution of applications, services, and libraries across various platforms, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.


.NET is designed with scalability in mind, allowing developers to build applications that can handle increased workloads over time. Additionally, the framework has been optimized for performance, resulting in faster applications.

Software development

As a language, .NET provides a comprehensive set of libraries and APIs, covering a wide range of functionalities, from web development to data manipulation and machine learning. This can significantly reduce development time by providing ready-to-use components.

.NET is widely used in enterprise environments, and many large organizations trust the framework for their mission-critical applications. The framework has proven itself reliable, scalable, and secure for a wide range of applications.

Case Study

We are Unosquare, a pioneering digital product development company that has achieved the rare feat of making the Inc. 5000 list for eight consecutive years, including 2022.


Successful Delivery with this .NET Technologies

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How Unosquare delivers .NET software development services


Our talent leverages the extensive .NET community to look for best practices, insights, and recommendations for your projects. .NET can support diverse software development needs


We work with the right tools for your project such as Entity Framework for data modeling, Visual Studio for project management, and .NET Core for cross-platform development.


We write the code, create the UI, and build components. The .NET framework provides a flexible platform for software development, with support for multiple programming languages like C#, F#, and VB.NET.


Unosquare developers deploy, test, and release the final product using the .NET framework’s built-in support for unit testing, performance testing, and security testing to delivery a dependable software product.

Successful Delivery with this .NET Technologies

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C# and .NET are often used together, but they serve different purposes in software development. C# is a programming language that can be used to write applications, while .NET is a software framework and platform that provides the tools and environment needed to build, run, and manage those applications. C# is one of the primary languages used to develop applications targeting the .NET platform.

.NET framework only runs on Windows. .NET Core is a more contemporary, cross-platform framework that can Linux and macOS as well as Windows. .NET Core is open source and know for being more scalable, providing faster performance when compared to .NET Framework

ASP.NET was developed by Microsoft and is a framework that allows developers to create dynamic web pages, web services, and web applications. ASP.NET was built on top of the .NET Framework and gives engineers a controls, services, and a programming mode for building web-based applications.

.NET is an interpreted language, which means that it can be slower than compiled languages like C or Java. However, there are several techniques you can use to improve the performance of your .NET code, such as using list comprehensions instead of loops, using built-in functions instead of custom functions, and optimizing data structures and algorithms. You can also use profiling tools to identify the bottlenecks in your code and optimize them.

Using Unosquare to augment your teams enables your company to focus on core business operations as our Center of Excellence identifies the best talent for your .NET development. We provide access to a talented pool of .NET developers, that will increase your development capacity and achieve your business objectives more efficiently. Additionally, you can use our expertise in hiring, onboarding, and managing .NET developers, to reduce recruitment and HR costs.

We do not simply hire .NET developers for your team. Our Center of Excellence leaders help mature your talent with a wide range of learning and career advancement initiatives across all experience levels to increase communication, software delivery, and talent retention.

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