High Tech

From Silicon Valley to Silicon Forest and going through the hills, we bring top tier talent to the ideas shaping the future

Unosquare is a technology-first, talent-first company. We are a company of highly skilled software engineers and we love participating with our clients in projects, concepts, and ideas that revolutionize markets. This is the core movement that we have found in this vertical. We love innovation within enterprise digital transformation and the startup scene. We have participated and helped a myriad of companies bring their products to market successfully in the most efficient way possible.

Distributed Agile Augmentation

Distributed Agile Augmentation

We are global, you are global too.

Technology Project Consulting

Technology Project Consulting

From design to deployment, realize your perfect product.

Digital Transformation Strategies

Digital Transformation Strategies

Share your roadmap with us, we will fill in the gaps.

Pci and Hipaa

PCI and HIPAA compliance training, onboarding, and escalation preparedness

Industry Specific

We have developed a unique training set for each vertical, we have a specific ramp up program tailored to that company to ensure onboarding doesn't come at the cost of critical velocity

Secure Coding

Periodic training to expose all engineering base to latest best practices in the security realm


We train our entire engineering base constantly in Agile, particularly in SCRUM. We believe that a well executed process is the recipe for success

Static and Dynamic
Code Analysis

With available partnerships, we have access to offering code analysis for the work that we perform

Industry Best

Constant training, documentation and oversight of proper coding practices through our layer of SME’s for all the different technologies we handle

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