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Unosquare’s “Bravespace Workplace”: Our Healthy Office Workspace

Unosquare's "Bravespace Workplace": Our Healthy Office Workspace

Last week we hosted Moe Carrick, an industry recognized leadership consultant, facilitator, speaker and author at our Guadalajara offices to engage with our team leads and leadership from Delivery Management, Client Success, Recruiting and HR. This event is part of an overarching goal we share at Unosquare – to help our employees to be and do their best every day. We believe that by focusing on people first and enabling them to succeed by providing them with the tools, processes and training opportunities they need, they will do their best for our customers. It’s simple really, as our mission states: “at our core, weare no more than a group of people pushing our personal boundaries to do the best work we have ever done.”

We invited Carrick to share her approach to bringing out the best in human beings by creating collaborative and healthy office workspaces – what she calls Bravespaces. In her book, Bravespace Workplace: Making Your Company Fit for Human Life, Carrick highlights the idea that many of today’s professionals are driven to find meaning in their work as opposed to being strictly driven by financial goals. This kind of motivation is familiar to us at Unosquare – as our Employee Value Proposition states: we get to do challenging, interesting and compelling work every day. We work with clients that have incredible missions – from life-changing cancer diagnostics to security and fraud protection, we are helping to push boundaries and transform industries. Additionally, we have a commitment to empowering and developing the middle class in every community we operate across the globe. We strive to create positive economic growth in every location we have a footprint. Unosquare embodies these elements of what Carrick calls a Bravespace – a workplace culture that brings out the best in employees.

There is a strong parallel with the premise of the book and what the best of Unosquare’s culture demonstrates: “…that people are what make companies great, it’s incumbent on every organization to ensure that the people who work there thrive, which is different from mere happiness, which is both transient and fleeting.” She further argues that “Real thriving at work, in any job, is about knowing that we are contributing to something bigger than ourselves.”

Carrick identifies the need for people to work with a common purpose to create a productive and inhabitable workspace. It’s important to know this is the purpose and work to identify it, even when involved with a high functioning team at a successful firm. The odds are, it will not always be that way, and the steps in this book provide a reproducible guide to follow in your current or next team/company.

Our event, which was streamed to remote leads and to leads in our Leon, Mexico delivery center and will soon be available all employees via the intranet, was an opportunity for all of us to explore in depth the things that people need to feel fulfilled by their work experience and the levers we as leaders can use to change a workspace into a Bravespace. Carrick suggests that “Bravespace Workplaces – organizations that know how to share for the common good – will lead the work world of tomorrow.” We believe whole-heartedly believe this to be true and will continue to strive to make Unosquare a Bravespace.


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