Our values

Purpose | Mastery | Autonomy

Our Mission

Unosquare, at its core, has a mission driven by three guiding purposes for every individual that is part of the organization:


Fundamentally, the agile software development company was created understanding that, at our core, we are no more than a group of people pushing our personal boundaries to do the best work we have ever done. A good working environment is key to that creativity, collaboration, and ultimately, success.


We strive to create an environment where our staff can enjoy the cultural foundation and the personal relationships they have created throughout their time here. We also want to collaborate in projects that challenge our technical capabilities and that have a complexity level that pushes professional growth of the individual and the group entrepreneurship and auto didactic behavior.


Unosquare is here to create a legacy. We have a commitment to generating well being in every geography we have a presence in. Our organization has been blessed with the opportunity to substantially impact the ethos in which we continue to develop the company. We believe in a global effort toward equality of opportunity.

Leadership Team

Mario Di Vece
Mario Di Vece Chairman and Co-Founder LinkedIn
Giancarlo Di Vece
Giancarlo Di Vece President and CEO LinkedIn
Eduardo Arias
Eduardo Arias Chief Financial Officer LinkedIn
Ignacio Miranda
Ignacio Miranda Chief Operating Officer LinkedIn
Diego Huerta
Diego Huerta Vp, Delivery Management LinkedIn
Roisin Hughes
Roisin Hughes Vp, Human Resources LinkedIn
Adam Lynch
Adam Lynch Vp, Engineering LinkedIn
Geovanni Perez
Geovanni Perez Vp, Research and development LinkedIn
Mark Brown
Mark Brown Vp, Technology Products LinkedIn
Joel Barrett
Joel Barrett Vp, Customer Loyalty LinkedIn
Javier Martinez
Javier Martinez Vp, It and Infrastructure LinkedIn
Michael Barrett
Michael Barrett Advisor and Co-Founder LinkedIn