Our values

Passion | community | honesty | trust | integrity

Our Mission

Unosquare, at its core, has a mission driven by three guiding purposes for every individual that is part of the organization:


Fundamentally, the agile software development company was created understanding that, at our core, we are no more than a group of people pushing our personal boundaries to do the best work we have ever done. A good working environment is key to that creativity, collaboration, and ultimately, success.


We strive to create an environment where our staff can enjoy the cultural foundation and the personal relationships they have created throughout their time here. We also want to collaborate in projects that challenge our technical capabilities and that have a complexity level that pushes professional growth of the individual and the group entrepreneurship and auto didactic behavior.


Unosquare is here to create a legacy. We have a commitment to generating well being in every geography we have a presence in. Our organization has been blessed with the opportunity to substantially impact the ethos in which we continue to develop the company. We believe in a global effort toward equality of opportunity.

Our Leadership

Mario Di Vece

Mario Di Vece | Chairman & CIO

Mario is a natural entrepreneur with proven success in the Technology and Financial Services industries. Acting as the main principal at Unosquare, Mario handles the strategy and vision of his highly capable executive team, ensuring that the company keeps its vibrant environment, clients remain happy, and co-workers operate as a close family.

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Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett | Chief revenue officer

Honesty is an ethical plane that Mike considers to be a key factor in building teams and long term business relationships. He sets the bar high for himself and leads by example; a leadership trait learned early on in his career while leading Sales and Marketing for large technical organizations such as Tata Consultancy Services, Xavient, and BBSI.

Giancarlo Di Vece

Giancarlo Di Vece | President and CEO

Giancarlo is the quintessential businessman and leader. His ability to see potential in both companies and its employees is what has allowed Unosquare to evolve into what it is today. His contemporary method of doing business has enabled him to grow and push Unosquare to a new standard of technological delivery for its customers.

Ignacio Miranda

Ignacio Miranda | COO

Before taking the helm of Unosquare’s operations, Ignacio began to forge leadership skills early in life from his family that taught him social equality and to be culturally agnostic. Focused on hard work and personal sacrifice, he learned about taking calculated risks while working engineering roles at Honda, IBM and Pepsi.

Eduardo Arias

Eduardo Arias | VP, Finance

As a good finance executive should be, Eduardo is known for his attention to detail and conservative financial management. At Unosquare he takes a client facing role with customers, often working with them on billing modalities and categorizations that help facilitate internal accounting. Before joining Unosquare, Eduardo rose through the ranks as a finance executive at Intercontinental Hotels Group and Grupo Financiero Inbursa.

Diego Huerta

Diego Huerta | VP, Delivery Management

Problem-solving is Diego's superpower. His incredible attention to detail and forward thinking makes him vital to every organization he is a part of, especially Unosquare. Aside from speaking three languages, being PMP certified and a sommelier, Diego has made his way up the technology industry ladder starting as a technical analyst at C&A, a project manager at Bitam, and now acting as the Director of Client Services for Unosquare.