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Elevating Logistics Excellence With Web and Mobile Applications




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Pace Logistics provides a full range of logistics services including cross-dock, pool distribution, courier, and dependable final mile services. Guided by their mission of “Serving and Improving Lives Through Logistics,” Pace relies on numerous moving parts working in harmony to achieve their ultimate goal of fostering connectivity among customers, drivers, and staff. A pivotal element in this intricate system is the success of their dedicated drivers so they partnered with Unosquare to better leverage technology to surface the essential tools and insights needed for success.

The Challenge

To uphold their industry leadership, entice and retain customers, and enhance value for both employees and drivers, Pace recognized the imperative need for a robust set of technology solutions. Unosquare’s initial engagement with Pace Logistics centered around their Mapping service, marking the beginning of a collaborative journey that extended to the development of a comprehensive web application and a mobile app. The challenge was to create a technology ecosystem that seamlessly integrated various functionalities and catered to the distinct needs of customers and drivers.

The Solution

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