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Custom Application for Home Owners and Buyers




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Off Market Group, also known as OMG, is a residential marketplace whose goal is to unlock up to 60x more houses in an off-market setting. We worked with OMG on a full end-to-end design and development initiative from user personas, to user flows, wire frames, research and more.

The Challenge

Less than two percent of homes are for sale at any given time, leaving eager buyers unaware of 98.6% of available options? Add to this that existing home search software primarily serves real estate agents and buyers, neglecting sellers who bear the brunt of the work and costs, only to give up a hefty 6% commission upon a successful sale. OMG’s goal was to address this imbalance by providing a solution for anyone who has admired a home and wished it were for sale, offering a more inclusive and equitable platform for all involved in the real estate transaction.

The Solution

OMG came to Unosquare with a well-thought-out idea of where they wanted to start and we collaborated during the Mapping phase to bring the idea to life. Unosquare’s Mapping team explored the problem statement, user personas, and some user flows to help us begin working on some wireframes.

At the start of the Journey, our design team determined that this product could benefit from some user testing. Our design team came up with a prototype and questions and distributed them to an outside testing group. This gave the client valuable insight into some key areas. One example is that some people assumed during the Mapping that people would prefer that the map default to a satellite view but, through user testing, we learned that 100% of the people we asked preferred the map view.

When the OMG Journey came to a close and we looked back on the project, the feedback from the Unosquare team was unanimous: we are all proud to have been part of building this beautiful application! We also all signed up and turned our homes green!

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