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Improving Communication & Culture with Dunn Connect




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Unosquare collaborated with Dunn Construction, a venerable force in Alabama’s paving industry, to address their need for centralized communication and a celebratory culture. Leveraging our web application development expertise, we crafted “Dunn Connect,” a powerful Intranet platform optimized for mobile devices, tailored to Dunn Construction’s specific requirements.

The Challenge

Dunn Construction faced challenges with disparate communication channels, hindering efficiency and access to crucial information. Building a celebratory culture and ensuring high adoption rates for the new platform were critical. The client wanted an intuitive, accessible application that was integrated into the employee’s daily workflows. They also wanted to enhance operational efficiency by implementing additional features in the future; our challenge was to anticipate and understand needs and create a roadmap for the future. The overall goal: consolidate communication channels, foster camaraderie, and enhance operational efficiency.

The Solution

Unosquare addressed Dunn Construction’s challenges by utilizing Ruby on Rails 7 and a strategic tech stack. Dunn Connect boasts features like diverse content sharing, centralized resource access, employee celebrations, admin user management, and a tag system for content discoverability. The platform streamlined communication channels, fostering a positive work environment and boosting morale. Dunn Connect transformed internal communications, enhanced camaraderie, and enabled operational efficiency by providing a centralized hub for information and celebrating successes. The positive impact sets the stage for further enhancements and a thriving digital workspace.

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