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Bespoke Construction Talent Management Platform




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Specializing in large-scale project deployments such as hospital and data center construction, our client handles the bidding, hiring, staffing, and execution of electrical engineering projects. Unosquare worked on CrewBelt®, their digital platform for electrical contractors. Our primary focus was building an application that could help streamline the hiring and retention processes for staff while efficiently managing weekly invoices for their 1099 workers. This greenfield project involved constructing the entire workflow from the ground up.

Crew Belt UX

The Challenge

The company’s business model centers around the successful execution of complex electrical projects. They faced challenges in inefficient recruitment, complex negotiations, limited talent evaluation, and payment processing issues. The lack of a centralized platform for recruitment led to delays, while negotiating rates and evaluating talent were cumbersome processes. Additionally, processing payments for users every week proved time-consuming and error-prone. Unosquare identified these challenges through the Discovery process, recognizing the need for scalable and user-friendly solutions to enhance daily operations.

The Solution

Unosquare successfully delivered a comprehensive web and mobile application powered by Ruby on Rails and React Native that streamlined the recruitment, negotiation, timesheet management, and payment processes for 1099 electrical worker talent.

The application’s notable features, such as job applications, rate negotiations, time tracking, and invoice payments, revolutionized CrewBelt’s operations. By leveraging this technology, CrewBelt experienced improved talent retention, reduced recruitment effort and cost, efficient payment processing, and effective risk management.

The desktop web and mobile platforms, supported by essential libraries and services such as Stripe, Google Maps API, and Active Admin, facilitated a seamless experience for both users and project managers, ensuring the success of staffing operations.

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