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AutoTec's Mobile App Transformation with Unosquare




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AutoTec’s AuctionACCESS platform, the premier dealer credentialing system in the wholesale auto auction industry in North America, sought a significant upgrade for its existing mobile app. The aim was to enhance both the visual appeal and functionality of the app to meet evolving industry standards.

The Challenge

Facing the need for a more user-friendly and visually appealing mobile app, AutoTec engaged Unosquare in the Mapping process. The challenge was to replace the current mobile app with a solution that not only improved aesthetics but also streamlined the enrollment process, provided a seamless validation method through unique QR codes for auto auctions, and allowed efficient resource management within the app. The goal was to enhance the user experience, particularly on smaller devices, while ensuring rapid development to get the app into the hands of consumers swiftly.

The Solution

Following the Mapping process, the Unosquare team determined that React Native was the optimal choice for AutoTec’s cross-platform app. This decision allowed for rapid iteration in development, facilitating a quicker deployment of the app compared to a native build. The revamped mobile app not only addressed the visual and functional requirements but also achieved goals such as simplifying the enrollment process, introducing a unique QR code validation system for auto auctions, and providing comprehensive resource management capabilities within the app.

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