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Transforming ATG's Sales Portal




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ATG Distribution is the official distributor of Anheuser-Busch and select Craft Breweries across the United States. Facing challenges with their existing legacy software and template-based sign creation, ATG sought a simpler and more effective solution to enhance the experience for their sales reps when requesting signage. Unosquare teamed up with ATG to introduce a cutting-edge platform aimed at streamlining the creation, request, and printing of signage for ATG’s sales team.

The Challenge

The inefficiencies in ATG’s previous system were evident in the frustration experienced by the sales team. Cumbersome tasks, from uploading templates to processing signage requests, prompted the realization that a bespoke system tailored to their business needs was essential. Sales representatives were particularly keen on a streamlined sign request process that would enable them to effortlessly input information and have relevant details automatically uploaded.

The Solution

To combat these challenges, Unosquare focused on three main personas: Admin Staff, Sales Reps, and Sales Managers. These personas helped us understand the main jobs each persona needed to complete. The solution involved abstracting out key paths for each persona, with a focus on reducing cognitive load and enhancing user experience. The newly designed UI aimed to explicitly highlight the essential paths for each persona, providing a clean and simple interface. By incorporating valuable feedback from actual users within the ATG team, the resulting platform was uniquely fitted to meet the specific business needs of ATG, revolutionizing the process of signage management.

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