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The benefits of custom healthcare software development

The benefits of custom healthcare software development

What are the benefits of custom healthcare software development?

Improve processes

Tailor a solution to fit your facility’s needs

Stay complaint

Today, healthcare organizations of all sizes are under pressure to adopt the newest technologies and adapt to new healthcare expectations. Having custom software for your organization can make these changes easier to manage. However, it’s important to understand why these solutions are worth investing in and what you should prioritize. Here’s what you need to know about custom healthcare software. 

A closer look at the growing popularity of custom healthcare software

Technology impacts every aspect of our lives, and healthcare is no different in that regard. Healthcare is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industries. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, employment of healthcare occupations is projected to grow 14 percent from 2018 to 2028. This is much faster than the average for all occupations. All of this growth also comes with a lot of change.

As the industry continues to evolve, and healthcare organizations are under pressure to run more efficiently, they need the right processes and tools to support them. Custom healthcare software is the key to improving productivity. These solutions also make it easier for organizations to adapt and scale. 

How organizations can benefit from custom healthcare software

Want to know more about how these solutions can support change in your organization? Here are some of the specific ways that organizations benefit from investing in custom healthcare software.

Improve processes

Technology often enables us to get work done better, faster, and more accurately. Embracing digital transformation and investing in a solution for your organization can have a far-reaching impact. It makes it easier for employees to get work done and frees them up to focus on the more critical matters at hand. Having digital records can also reduce the risk of mistakes or misreporting.

Tailor a solution to fit your facility’s needs

Every healthcare organization is different. Beyond that, healthcare organizations themselves are incredibly different from other businesses. This means that most software solutions weren’t built with healthcare in mind. They may not include everything that your organization needs or work well within your specific type of facility. Creating a custom healthcare solution is one way to avoid these problems and get the tools you need. 

Stay compliant

Compliance is critical in the healthcare space, but it is possible to build a custom solution and stay complaint. For example, suppose a project requires HIPAA compliance. In that case, Unosquare team members receive initial HIPAA training for software developers as part of the onboarding process in preparation for any additional training provided by the client. As a company, Unosquare has a deep understanding of the responsibilities associated with access to protected health information, and our engineers understand the importance of working within the safeguards HIPAA requires.

In a previous article, we also covered how technology is changing the healthcare industry as a whole. 


Healthcare success story: FMI 

Custom healthcare software provides real value to organizations and empowers them to make a difference in patient’s lives every day. Unosquare has experience in helping organizations solve their problems and overcome the obstacles associated with outdated processes. 

With FMI’s cutting-edge DNA-assay tools, cancer physicians optimized chemotherapy regimens for individual patients. They were true innovators in their space until mobile technology became more and more popular. The problem was that FMI’s superb tools were still mostly chained to laptops and desktops, even though clinicians were on the move all day. 

Their pushback to FMI was getting louder: Give us a mobile version we can take with us on rounds when we’re with our patients and care teams. Fixed wasn’t good enough anymore. FMI had to do something to improve their tools and processes so that their team could provide the best possible care. 

So, FMI began searching for a partner to help them with this initiative. In the past, Unosquare had worked closely with FMI on a wide range of development projects, but none specifically in the mobile space. Over the years, FMI’s team had come to respect Unosquare’s professionalism and considered the developers to be integral collaborators rather than simply a company to outsource to, so they inquired about this type of project.

As it turned out, Unosquare did have the capability to take on this project. They had several expert mobile developers available, and they were already familiar with the React Native JavaScript code library needed to build a cross-platform app.

Unosquare subscribed to the same Agile methodology and had helped to implement it at FMI previously. This allowed them to create the solution this organization needed quickly, and give employees the flexibility they required. 

In the end, thanks to the tightly coupled FMI/Unosquare partnership, oncologists have one less hurdle on the path to saving more lives. Want to know more about this success story? Read the full FMI case study

Need a custom solution for your healthcare organization?

If you need custom healthcare software for your organization. we’re here to help. Unosquare is a trusted partner for these projects. Our experience has proven that a successful digital transformation strategy needs to focus on two things. First, your plan must include ways to manage evolving business goals. These strategies also need to account for the cultural change that comes with those advancements. Using our proven Distributed Agile Framework, our software development engineers provide the kind of external perspective, agility, and understanding required for real innovation. 

When you partner with Unosquare, you’ll have access to skilled software development professionals, Business Analysts, SCRUM Masters, Quality Assurance Engineers, and all the ancillary roles for delivery of your strategy. Each of us at Unosquare is directly accessible to your project stakeholders. We also live and work in your time zone and have the support and training from one of the world’s best global software development companies. To learn more about how we can help you accelerate the digital transformation process, check out our blog.  


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