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Committing to Making Unosquare Stronger

Committing to Making Unosquare Stronger

One of the things that I’m most proud of about Unosquare is our commitment to support and encourage the growth of all our employees. In many cases, companies like ours might focus solely on training core staff members but we offer training for everyone who works for Unosquare. It might not seem like a revolutionary idea but it means a lot to us. It’s an important part of our vision as a company:

Unosquare is here to create a legacy. We have a commitment to generating well being in every geography we have a presence in. Our organization has been blessed with the opportunity to substantially impact the ethos in which we continue to develop the company. We believe in a global effort toward equality of opportunity.

It’s the idea of equality of opportunity that lead us to offer classes in finance, Excel and English for business to our receptionists, certifications and training in specialized trades for maintenance staff and the opportunity for our janitorial staff to finish school. We are all part of the success or failure of the company, so it is important for everyone to have the tools they need to do their best.

It isn’t always easy to convince people to take the steps to finish their education. Sometimes they don’t think it will make a difference in their lives or are reluctant to dedicate the time to classes, so we are careful to be sensitive to their concerns. Usually, giving them the time to think it over and discuss it with their families, they decide to go ahead. They generally take classes twice a week and we provide the computer equipment they need to complete the work. In 12-24 months, they have their diplomas and more opportunities ahead of them than they did before. We’re committed to improving the lives of our employees and their families as well as the communities where they live and this training and education initiative is one of the ways we hope we are impacting lives.

As a technology company built by engineers for engineers, we are always on the lookout for ways to make everyday life at Unosquare a little bit more streamlined and convenient. We recently launched two apps in our Guadalajara office aimed at simplifying daily activities.

First, GuestCore is our visitor’s helper located on a tablet in the lobby. Here, guests sign themselves in and the employee who they are here to see is immediately notified. Also they are given their WiFi code and their photo is taken for their record. The whole process takes a minute or two and means that no one has to wait if the receptionist steps away from the desk.

Second, we developed LunchCore on our intranet for employees to place their lunch orders up to a week in advance. All of the available restaurants are listed along with their menus which makes the selection process really easy. Also, LunchCore automatically generates and sends three kinds of reports – for finance, managers and the vendor – streamlining the management of what was sometimes a complicated process.


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