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What You Should Know About Hiring Software Developers

What You Should Know About Hiring Software Developers

Are you hiring a software developer for your upcoming project? Finding the right talent and making good hires is more complicated than it used to be. Research shows that there’s a shortage of developers and a continuously growing need for expertise.

So, what can your organization do to fill the gaps? In this post, we’ll set you up for success throughout the developer hiring process. Here’s what you should know if you want to hire a software developer.

1. You need to have your job requirements organized…

Many companies rush into hiring because they need help to complete their project or meet a deadline. However, taking a step back to think about what you need in a developer can help in the long run. Often, your colleagues will have different opinions about the skills a developer needs to be the right fit for a project. Gather some of those details, organize them, and use it to make sure that the decision-makers at your company are on the same page. Getting the buy-in from your peers and management will make the rest of the hiring process much more manageable and timelier.

Once you know what you need for your project, it’s time to start looking at developers. Now it’s time to take your criteria and investigate the talent and experience of your candidates.

2. Talent and experience are not the same…

There’s conflicting advice about how much attention companies should pay to an individual’s CV or portfolio. The truth is that you should consider both the track record of developers and their talents before you choose. Before we jump into other tips on how to hire the right software developer, let’s discuss what to look for in terms of talent and experience.

3. Industry specific experience can be a plus…

What experience does the developer have? Have they worked on a project similar to yours in the past? These are essential questions to consider when you’re hiring a software developer. If a developer has done work in your space before, they will likely understand your needs and be able to meet your expectations. Not all developers will have industry-specific experience, but if you find one that is available, consider it a huge plus. For instance, if you are working with a client in the US healthcare market, the business rules can be complicated. Prior experience could shorten the learning curve with requirements and improve delivery.

4. Resumes are the tip of the iceberg…

While experience is a driving selection criterion, the numbers on a CV aren’t everything. Dig into what their work history has to say about them as an independent thinker and problem solver. Has the developer worked on a challenging project and been successful? What specific knowledge or skills do they bring to the table? These things are also essential to think about before you hire. In fact, according to the Stack Overflow Global Developer Hiring Landscape report, 90% of software developers say they are at least partially self-taught. 45% of them list completing online courses, and 41% include on-the-job training as part of their educational background.

5 . You’re not locked into one geographic area…

We are well past the time where all of your developers need to be in-house. Today, this isn’t the case. You can access a global talent pool to find the right developer for your specific needs with relative ease. The everyday use of distributed teams is good news because it means that the barriers to finding the best fit for your work or existing team are much easier to find than it has been in the past.

6. Take your time…

Many HR teams struggle with hiring and interview no-shows. Extending this challenge further, there’s an exceptionally high turnover rate for jobs in an agile software development environment. That could be dependent on the candidates themselves, culture, experience, age, etc. Regardless of the issue, try to assess the work ethic of your candidates. Use the right line of questioning that points towards your needs, and don’t rush the process.

In fact, according to IT world, it’s not uncommon for a company to spend 8-12 weeks or longer hiring a specialized team of developers.

Bottom line: don’t get too frustrated throughout the hiring process. Hiring the right talent can be difficult. If you rush to choose a candidate, you could end up making the wrong decision. Bad hires cost more time and money in the long term, so it isn’t worth taking this risk.

7. Remember: Set Expectations!

If you and the software developer you want to hire aren’t thinking along the same lines, you could be facing disaster down the line. Once you know that a candidate is a good fit for your team, set the expectations you have, and understand any expectations your developer may have of you. A mutual understanding and direct communication will set your project up for success.

8. Don’t forget about communication skills…

Clean code is excellent, but it isn’t everything. You should also ensure that the developer you bring in will be able to communicate effectively with your team. Effective communication is critical if you want your project to run smoothly. How developers interact and how their style fits in with the rest of the people at your organization isn’t something that you should overlook. Talk to your candidates about the expectations for communication and how to work through projects and milestones.

9. Consider off-shore development…

In 2020, the expectation is that 1 million computer programming-related jobs will go unfulfilled. As a result, many organizations need to look at other options to find the talent they need for their project. Here is where choosing to augment your team with off-shore expertise can be extremely helpful in filling the gap.

This is also a great fit if you’re looking for help on a specific project or are only looking to make a short-term hire. Typically, you’ll be able to find the talent you need faster when you choose off-shore development.

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