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Modernized Mobile Application Improves Efficiency




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At Unosquare, we embarked on a transformative journey with Choice Books, a leading Direct-Store-Delivery provider of Books. Their existing mobile application, operating on outdated scanner hardware, required a significant overhaul to leverage modern smartphone technology. Our goal was to rewrite the application using a new tech stack, integrating cutting-edge features such as the DEX Servicing Protocol and smartphone camera scanning capabilities.

The Challenge

Choice Books faced numerous challenges with their old application, relying on outdated and expensive scanner hardware. Issues included:

  • hardware reliability concerns as the scanner hardware was prone to frequent breakdowns in the field
  • complex troubleshooting process as sales reps would have to call the service desk when the scanners broke down, resulting in long calls
  • high replacement costs, with each scanner costing $1,600
  • limited upgradability and scalability as the old application ran on dedicated scanner hardware which could not leverage smartphone technology advancements
  • inefficient data transmissions as the existing application relied on WIFI data transmission which posed issues with reliability and real-time updates,
  • the complexity of managing multiple devices


Seeking a comprehensive solution, they aimed to address these pain points and streamline operations.


The Solution

Collaborating closely with Choice Books, Unosquare revolutionized their mobile app to usher in a new era of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By replacing outdated scanner hardware with a cutting-edge mobile solution, Choice Books overcame challenges and unlocked extraordinary advantages. The adoption of a cost-effective tech stack, including React Native and Java, allowed for compatibility across platforms. Integration of key libraries like Zebra Crossing and Google ML Kit enhanced functionality, enabling efficient barcode scanning using smartphone cameras.

The outcomes were substantial – increased device reliability, reduced service desk calls, significant cost savings, and improved operational efficiency. The transition to cost-effective Android devices replaced expensive scanner hardware ($500 vs $1,600), resulting in substantial savings. The mobile app also laid the foundation for future technological initiatives, opening up possibilities for real-time data integration and optimizing operations further. The consolidation of devices simplified the toolkit for sales reps, enhancing the overall user experience. The successful deployment of the revamped mobile app marked a remarkable transformation for Choice Books.

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