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Enhancing Independence for Neurodivergent Individuals





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Equip’s mission is to centralize care and independence management for people with disabilities such as autism and Down syndrome. The centralization aspect is crucial, as it enables caregivers, parents, and state-supported providers to input and access essential information, such as schedules, key documents and assessments in one place, reducing the need for hunting across multiple platforms.

The Challenge

Trent Kocurek, Founder of Equip, was first introduced to this cause when he learned about the Auburn EAGLES, a program specifically designed to support individuals with intellectual disabilities in their journey toward independence and meaningful employment. The program is part of Auburn University’s College of Education’s Department of Special Education, Rehabilitation, and Counseling. It provides an opportunity for students with intellectual disabilities to engage in a collegiate on-campus residential experience that focuses on academics, social and career development, and independence.

Inspired by his passion to help and with a connection to his Alma Mater, Trent contacted the Auburn EAGLES about how he might learn more and be of service. Through conversations with Betty Patten, Director of the Auburn EAGLES program, it was clear that the program relied too heavily on disparate tools and manual processes to manage schedules and tasks. This highlighted a significant need to bring multichannel approaches into a centralized location. Trent believed a customized software solution was the answer.

The Solution

To address the challenges of using disparate platforms, paper, and worksheets to achieve Equip’s goals, Unosquare engaged in a thorough discovery process that began with UX research and stakeholder interviews. By listening to the needs of neurodivergent individuals and their caregivers, Equip identified pain points and designed solutions aimed at reducing cognitive load and centralizing management processes. Leveraging Ruby on Rails for the web application and React Native for the mobile application, Equip developed software that revolutionized daily routines, schedules, and communication channels for individuals and caregivers.

The collaboration with Unosquare yielded significant results. The first version of the software notably reduced the cognitive load for neurodivergent individuals, empowering them with greater independence and control over their daily lives. The centralized platform streamlined management tasks for the administrators of the system, providing a holistic view of progress and transitions. Feedback from users facilitated continuous improvement, leading to enhancements in usability and functionality over subsequent iterations.

Product Evolution:

Initially taking a broad-strokes approach, Equip focused on rapid development and learning from user feedback. Subsequent iterations delved deeper into specific functionalities, refining details such as document sharing, group chat features, and document storage. The emphasis shifted towards understanding the importance of nuanced interactions and tailoring the software to meet diverse user needs more effectively.

Why Unosquare:

The decision to collaborate with Unosquare stemmed from their track record of developing impactful solutions and their ability to hone in on the core problem effectively. The team demonstrated active listening and a curiosity to understand the intricacies of the problem, facilitating the transformation of ideas into a functional MVP. Their approach to identifying underlying issues, coupled with efficient development and feedback loops, ensured the successful realization of Equip’s vision.

The collaboration between Equip and Unosquare exemplifies the power of technology to address complex societal challenges and empower marginalized communities. By leveraging innovative solutions and a deep understanding of user needs, Equip continues to make strides in enhancing the lives of neurodivergent individuals and their caregivers.

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