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Unosquare’s Custom Intranet Solution for BL Harbert International




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BL Harbert International specializes in design-build, construction management, and general contracting for national and international clients. BL Harbert International sought Unosquare’s expertise to overhaul their existing intranet, dissatisfied with the complexity and inefficiency of their current system, Jive. Employees found it challenging to locate meaningful content, and a deficient employee directory topped the list of issues to be addressed. Unosquare’s mission was to create a customized intranet that not only addressed these pain points but also provided a seamless and user-friendly platform for BL Harbert International.

The Challenge

Juggling the complexities of replacing an intricate system like Jive, Unosquare engaged in a two-day Discovery Workshop with BL Harbert International’s stakeholders. The challenge was to identify essential features for the new intranet, define necessary roles, and determine supported content types. The goal was to gain consensus on where to focus efforts, ensuring the release of a useful and effective application within a tight deadline. Recognizing the evolving nature of the project, Unosqaure prioritized features, anticipating multiple mappings and journeys for the intranet’s continuous improvement based on user feedback.

The Solution

Within a few short months, Unosquare successfully delivered a revamped intranet for BL Harbert International. The solution included a new employee directory, a customized home page, a dynamic news and blogs section with integrated social interactions, targeted announcements, notifications, and a robust admin panel.

The iterative approach allowed for ongoing improvements. The custom software approach enabled adaptability, ensuring that the intranet could evolve based on user needs and feedback.

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