passion, honesty, community, trust, and integrity.

Our company is composed of the most passionate, creative, and innovative set of engineers in North America. We are known for our ability to deliver - not only effective technical solutions - but also amazingly rich experiences for both clients and partners.

We believe much of our success is derived from our unique ability to pull together exceptional talent from across Latin America and the US. At the same time, we’ve created an open work environment where teams can explore and expand and create.

The evidence of our success can be seen in our ability to grow exponentially over the years without losing customers or quality. With each customer we develop long term symbiotic business relationships with ever increasing knowledge sharing and relationship building. Eventually, we become an innovative extension of your team. Part of the same family.

Simply put, we meld great ideas, talent, technology, passion, and cost-reducing processes that work together to deliver great software even faster.

SMART engineering


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great leadership

Mario Di Vece

Mario Di Vece

Founder and CIO
"The Scientist"

Mario is known by many as the quintessential scientist with a passion for creating new technologies. From tinkering with trains and model rockets, to discovering code on an Apple IIe at a young age, his drive to understand how things work at a granular level enables him to bring a fresh and unique perspective to solving complex problems.

Today, Mario continues his work-of-love for what he calls "The living machine", A.K.A Unosquare's culture of engineering excellence. He can be found guiding the next generation of socially-responsible technology innovators that share the same scientific spark that lit him as a young child.

Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett

Co-Founder and CEO
"The Connector"

Honesty is an ethical plane that Mike considers to be a key factor in building teams and long term business relationships. He sets the bar high for himself and leads by example; a leadership trait learned early on in his career while leading Sales and Marketing for large technical organizations such as Tata Consultancy Services, Xavient, and BBSI.

Today, Mike, heads up the next generation of technologists and market innovators along with Co-founder Mario Di Vece at Unosquare. Together they’ve forged a strong partnership built on a foundation of excellence, community, passion, trust and integrity.

Giancarlo Di Vece

Giancarlo Di Vece

"The Businessman"

Before joining Unosquare in 2013, Giancarlo was buying and growing businesses in Mexico. After working in the family business as a teenager, he purchased a small craft company dedicated to the North American market when he was only 22 years old. He grew that into a 100 person operation which sold specialty products to large US retailers. He later joined Unosquare as a sales executive where he helped bring technical teams and solutions to some of our biggest and best customers. Those who know him well say his intellect is matched only by his charm and humor.

His seemingly intemptestive decision to move into the technology industry has proved successful. Today, he leads a team of US and Mexico based sales and marketing executives that drive the presales and marketing aspects of our business.

Ignacio Miranda

Ignacio Miranda

Chief Operating Officer
"The Captain"

Before taking the helm of Unosquare’s operations, Ignacio, began to forge leadership skills early in life from his family that taught him social equality and to be culturally agnostic.

Focused on hard work and personal sacrifice, he learned about taking calculated risks while working engineering roles at Honda, IBM and Pepsi.

These personal and corporate experiences molded his vision into how important it is for a company to be socially responsible and the type of leader he wanted to become.

Today, Ignacio leads and continuously fine-tunes Unosquare’s operational performance with the same tenets he has held since childhood.

Eduardo Arias

Eduardo Arias

Vice President, Finance
"El Dinero"

As a good finance executive should be, Eduardo is known for his attention to detail and conservative financial management. At Unosquare he takes a customer facing role with customers, often working with them on billing modalities and categorizations that help facilitate internal accounting. Before joining Unosquare, Eduardo rose through the ranks as a finance executive at Intercontinental Hotels Group and Grupo Financiero Inbursa.

Later he entered the world of IT by working to build modern financial processes at Hewlett Packard where he managed a group of analysts across South and Central America. Today Eduardo oversees all budgets, accounting, and AP/AR relationships in his efforts to continue keeping Unosquare debt free, profitable, and financially healthy.

great leaders always listen and learn from others

advisory board

Rebecca Mills

J. Rebecca Mills


Ms. Mills, is the VP of Applied Research for Premier, Inc., an alliance of more than 2,900 U.S. hospitals and nearly 100,000 other healthcare providers.

Ms. Mills brings more than 25 years of management experience in business and the healthcare industry. Prior to joining Premier, her clients and collaborative partnerships included Federal agencies, acute care hospitals and systems, device and pharmaceutical manufacturing, GPOs, quality improvement organizations, health care and technology consulting firms. Her work has centered on clinical & systems performance improvement, physician quality benchmarking and public health collaboratives.

Mark Reed

Mark Reed

President and founder for
High Ground Group LLC

Mr. Reed is the president and founder for High Ground Group LLC where he has provided corporate turnaround services and executive coaching for the last 16 years. Most recently he served as the CEO and vice chairman of the board for Navex Global, an Unosquare customer. He has also served as CEO of NetIQ, Envoy Global, and led sales, marketing, and services for InFocus Systems. Mr. Reed advises Unosquare executives on leadership skills, capital requirements, and corporate acceleration of sales growth and service quality.

Carlos Zelayaran

Carlos Zelayaran

Founder of Grupo Terra
and Industrika

Mr Zelayarán is a well known business man and prominent entrepreneur that continues to run successful companies he started since late 90’s. He’s continuously improving the environment and functionality of various institutions and organizations. Founder of companies such as Fondo Terra (construction), Industrika (web), Periodico Público Milenio (media and news), Mineral Terra (agriculture).

Mr Zelayarán has also been an advisor for different institutions such as the Universidad Panamericana, Coparmex, USEM (union social de empesarios mexicanos) and founder of the Porsche club in Guadalajara.