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9 Soft Skills For Your Tech Talent

Software Executive Magazine

Has every one of your software company’s engineers and developers mastered these nine nontechnical skills?

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Beware the bait-and-switch: 4 ways to avoid getting hooked by your offshore vendor


As many as 43 percent of U.S. companies outsourced software development in 2017, and they all sought the promise of cost reductions, hard-to-find IT talent, and reduced time to market. On the surface, offshore vendors can offer every one of those benefits and more. But scratch one layer below and you’ll find a market rife with bait-and-switch schemes that can quickly turn the pursuit of cost reductions into an expensive cleanup mission. Understanding the most common games offshore vendors play and adopting the defensive strategies to win at them can protect U.S. companies from getting hooked.

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BelTech - 2018


Investing in AI is an investment in your workplace culture. A stable organization has the insight to provide innovation to its customers, support to its workforce, and solidity to its investors. In order to deliver these attributes and determine the best investments for your business, a firm needs not just to evaluate its current needs but must express a certain vision for the future. To prepare for what’s to come, you ought to have a solid understanding of what technologies will make a significant difference for your team and workplace culture. One such offering, AI and machine learning, is executing a future where technology drives talent and talent embraces technology.

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