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  • about

  • Are you a fast growing IT Consulting company with limited access to skilled software engineers? Does that limitation slow down your business and effect solution delivery? We thought so. We have a solution for you to consider. Over the years Unosquare has matured a partner program that provides you with burstable and sustainable engineering capacity. The best part? Our engineers become your extended team. They use your email domain and wear your company shirt – so to speak; transparent to your client. Think of this as your Mexico based engineering team that works directly with you and your clients in a most affordable way.

  • why partner with us

    • Full access to our project management portal for individual or multiple project information drill downs
    • Hour by hour invoicing tied to features, bugs, issues, and user stories for each sprint and each project
    • Fixed pricing per month for long-term teams with more than 5 engineers
    • Free two-week ramp up for knowledge transfer and onboarding
    • Team Leads and Scrum Masters who can go onsite with you on short or long term assignments
    • Visit your team in Mexico and party with them in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Then take your family or friends to the town of Tequila or Puerto Vallarta for the weekend
  • what makes a great partner

  • We have learned over the years what makes a good partner and what makes a bad partner. Bad partners are smaller companies that lack an insane desire to completely dominate the markets they serve. Most bad partners just want to shift staffing risk to Unosquare without having a real partnership that dominates and grows over time. Great partners are aggressive and the risk is mutually shared. Great partners invest time and money to come visit us in Mexico and get to know their new team on a personal level.

    Click here for more information on the Smart Partnering Program.

We only want great partners


Quickly ramp up
new projects


Take on more projects
& bigger projects


Grow. Deliver. Compete.

where we can help the most

We support your business anywhere along the spectrum
between Legacy systems and pure innovation.


  • Supporting existing line of business

  • Incrementally updating legacy applications


  • Writing new applications for current and future business needs

  • Analyzing and modernizing existing Applications for current and future Business needs


  • Preparing for the next wave Computing – Digital Enterprise Mobility, Predictive Analytics, Mobile BI

  • Gamification of business apps, etc. R&D department. Pressing into new levels of innovations, creating Proof –of– Concepts for your new ideas